Notification Center

From version 3.0.0, in Calcoliamo Birra a Notification Center has been added, it is an archive of events and news that can come from multiple sources:

For example, go to the notification center, the list of ingredients to buy , if you check the cost of a recipe, or simply communications that will be transmitted by our staff, through the Push notification on everything related to the world of We calculate Beer.

In the future in the notification center, all errors / events must be written.
For example, for a certain recipe, a sequence of saccharification steps not suitable for converting starches into sugars has been indicated, or that the algorithm for calculating FG due to a particular pattern can not be applied.

What happens when something is written in the notification center?
In the status bar at the top a small number will appear in red field announcing the presence of a communication
clicking on the icon with the red number, you will access the notification center that will list all active notifications.