Version 3.5.0

The changes introduced are the following:
1) The most important is the possibility of creating Custom Fermentables.
In the past, however, in the case of creation of
Customized malts were not possible through the FG estimate with our algorithm.
With this change, even by creating custom fermentables it is possible to use the aforementioned algorithm.

This also solves the problem of having the same fermentable in the pantry with different characteristics and prices.
It will then be possible to create a malt with the name “Pilsner mat 11-2019”, a “Pilsner di marco” malt and have the FG estimate using the algorithm.
in this article we explain how to correctly insert a personalized fermentable.

2) We added many ingredient to the list of fermentable .
Obviously the generic names remained, so at the moment it is possible to choose for example
Pilsner Weyermann
Europils Crisp
Heidelberg BestMalz






3) The previous modification has lengthened the list of fermentables in a frightening way, so a search method in the new fermentable list is necessary.
The search provided with the Autocomplete function allows you to quickly identify the desired fermentable item on the proposed list.
You can therefore either use this new search method or insert the ingredient with the system so far used.

4) The search with Autocomplete has also been extended to the other ingredients.

5) The fermentable categories have been reorganized:
BASE (All malts with enzymes kept at least to themselves)
EXTRACTS (Dry and liquids)
UNMALTED (Unmalted fermentables)
ROAST (Toasted and Roast)
CARA (Caramel and crystal)
SPECIAL (Fermentable or selected ingredients in the brewing process)
CEREALS (Other malted cereals)
OTHER (Grape Wort, fruit etc …)



6) The fermentable infusion is automatically divided into 2 types:
Cold infusion and warm infusion.
The cold infusion will be selected in case of infusion of Roast malts, the software will perform the calculations based on an infusion in cold water of about 18 – 24 hours
Hot infusion will be selected if infusion is used with  Cara and Crystal malts.
In this case the software perform the calculations based on infusion time about 1 hour and a temperature about 70 degrees.