Create a custom fermentable

To create a custom Fermentable, proceed as follows:

Tap on + icon   then we choose Malt

We select the type of fermentable , we must choose from the following categories:

EXTRACT(Dry, Liquid)
UNMALTED (All Unmalted fermentables)
ROAST (Toasted and Roast)
CARA (Caramel and  Crystal)
SPECIAL (Fermentables or funtional ingredient)
MALTED CEREALS (Other malted cereals)
Other (Grape Wort ,Fruit etc…)

Example: We select Base fermentables, e write the name of custom fermentable

Choosing a basic malt the only possibility of use is Mashed, if it had been a sugar we could have indicated instead: “Boil”, “Late addiction” or “In fementatore”.

Ccomplete the fermentable data with Gravity, weight, and color, then save by tapping on the disk icon.
The malt will be shown in the ingredients list.

as you can see the name of the custom fermentable is preceded by the symbol ~

What changes compared to the creation of custom fermentables in previous versions?

From version 3.5.0 onwards, even with custom fermentables, the Calcoliamo Birra software will be able to apply the FG calculation algorithm. In the previous versions instead in the presence of personalized fermentables, the FG was calculated by applying the average attenuation of the yeast, without taking into account the fermentables used and the Mash temperatures.