Versione 3.6.4

New features for version 3.6.4
– New malts and new yeasts added

– Calculation FG with Algorithm of Calculate beer extended also to custom Yeasts.
With this latest update, therefore, it is possible to have an estimate of the FG even with unlisted yeasts.
Just create a custom yeast and give the correct average yeast attenuation value.

– Distinction of hot volumes at 78 ° and 100 °

– New calculation algorithm Riscalo recipes

– OG insertion in ° P

Important news have been introduced on a graphic level.
We are in fact preparing to publish many new functions that will require an enlarged menu structure.
for this reason we are studying a Toolbar system that contains the new functions.
So pending the growth of the functions, we thought to start introducing the use of the toolbar in the graphical interface.
in particular we have inserted 2 tootlbar:
one present in the recipe list one present in the recipe screen.
In the first we have currently positioned all the commands to call up the calculation tools and the pantry
in the second we placed the controls to insert new fermentables, hops and other ingredients, mash function, water etc …

New + button at the bottom right for new recipes

Graphical change of the indication of the ingredient present in the pantry.
instead of the check symbol we now use a small triangle in the upper left corner of each ingredient.