General Setup

In the general settings, before we find all the important indications:
– the reference metric system
the IBU calculation, that is the one that will be used for the estimation of the bitter, is the Tinseth
The saccharometric gradation is indicated in SG.

– The color scale: We can choose which color scale we intend to use
The SRM (Standard Reference Method) scale is used in the USA; the EBC (European Brewing Convention) scale is used in Europe.
For convenience, it is convenient to set up the EBC, as all the products you buy in Europe will show the color expressed in EBC.

– The Volume Batch is nothing more than the amount of wort that you intend to make in your cooked. Here you can indicate a number that will be repeated with each new beer you design, obviously this quantity can be changed from time to time in the design sheet of your beer.


– Technical type, we can indicate the type of technique that we normally use. This data is also repeated with each new beer design, and even in this case we can change it from time to time in the beer card to be designed.