Recipe Dubbel v2

A deep reddish-copper, moderately strong, malty, complex Trappist ale with rich malty flavors, dark or dried fruit esters, and light alcohol blended together in a malty presentation that still finishes fairly dry.

Complex, rich-sweet malty aroma, possibly with hints of chocolate, caramel and/or toast (but never roasted or burnt aromas). Moderate fruity esters (usually including raisins and plums, sometimes also dried cherries). Esters sometimes include banana or apple. Spicy phenols and higher alcohols are common (may include light clove and spice, peppery, rose-like and/or perfumy notes). Spicy qualities can be moderate to very low. Alcohol, if present, is soft and never hot or solventy. Low to no spicy, herbal, or floral hop aroma, typically absent. The malt is most prominent in the balance with esters and a touch of alcohol in support, blending together for a harmonious presentation. Belgian yeast strains prone to production of higher alcohols, esters, and phenolics are commonly used. Impression of complex grain bill, although traditional versions are typically Belgian Pils malt with caramelized sugar syrup or other unrefined sugars providing much of the character. Saazer-type, English-type or Styrian Goldings hops commonly used. No spices are traditionally used, although restrained use is allowable (background strength only).


Batch volume Batch volume IBU SRM OG FG ABV
21 L 90 min 27.1 14.7 1.064 1.015 6.7


Name Cat. OG Range FG Range IBU SRM ABV
Belgian Dubbel 26 B 1.062 - 1.075 1.008 - 1.018 15 - 25 10 - 17 6 - 7.6 %


Fermentable Name Qt SG %
Pilsner Premium) 12.125 lbs 1.036 - ppg 86.07
Special B) 6 oz 1.03 - ppg 2.66
Sciroppo Candito dark) 1.213 lbs 1.031 - ppg 8.61
CaraMunich 1) 6 oz 1.034 - ppg 2.66


Name Qt Time Use Type Tech Alpha %
Northern Brewer 1.23 oz 60 min BOIL Coni Hop Bag 6
Hallertau Hersbrucker 0.99 oz 15 min BOIL Coni Hop Bag 4.4
Irish Moss 0.14 oz 10 min BOIL 0


Yeast Attenuation
Safbrew T-58 70%


Step Temperature Time
Mash in 55 0
Protein rest 53 10
B. Amilasi 65 45
A. Amilasi 72 15
Mash Out 78 15
Step 0 0
Step 0 0
Step 0 0


Scarica ricetta

Temperature fermentation min 18°C max 19°C