Kölsch Beer Recipe

A clean, crisp, delicately-balanced beer usually with a very subtle fruit and hop character. Subdued maltiness throughout leads into a pleasantly well-attenuated and refreshing finish. Freshness makes a huge difference with this beer, as the delicate character can fade quickly with age. Brilliant clarity is characteristic. Low to very low malt aroma, with a grainy-sweet character.

A pleasant, subtle fruit aroma from fermentation (apple, cherry or pear) is acceptable, but not always present. A low floral, spicy or herbal hop aroma is optional but not out of style. Some yeast strains may give a slight winy or sulfury character (this characteristic is also optional, but not a fault). Overall, the intensity of aromatics is fairly subtle but generally balanced, clean, and fresh. Traditional German hops (Hallertau, Tettnang, Spalt or Hersbrucker). German Pils or pale malt. Attenuative, clean ale yeast. Up to 20% wheat malt may be used, but this is quite rare in authentic versions. Current commercial practice is to ferment warm, cold condition for a short period of time, and serve young.


Batch volume Batch volume IBU SRM OG FG ABV
21 L 60 min 22.9 3.4 1.046 1.010 4.8


Name Cat. OG Range FG Range IBU SRM ABV
Kölsch 5 B 1.044 - 1.05 1.007 - 1.011 18 - 30 3.5 - 5 4.4 - 5.2 %


Fermentable Name Qt SG %
Pilsner) 9.259 lbs 1.036 - ppg 89.36
Torrefied Wheat (Frumento)) 1.102 lbs 1.036 - ppg 10.64


Name Qt Time Use Type Tech Alpha %
Hallertau Mittelfrueh 2.82 oz 60 min BOIL Pellet Hop Bag 2
Hallertau Mittelfrueh 0.88 oz 15 min BOIL Pellet Hop Bag 2


Yeast Attenuation
Wyeast 2565 Kölsch 75%


Step Temperature Time
Protein rest 53 10
B. Amilasi 64 45
A. Amilasi 70 15
Mash Out 78 10
Step 0 0
Step 0 0
Step 0 0
Step 0 0


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