Boiling parameters

Boiling time It is the time that we generally use for boiling the wort. This value will be repeated every time we create the design of a new beer. Also in this case from time to time we can vary the value in the beer design data sheet.

– Hourly evaporation: it may vary depending on the pot used and the ventilation of the environment. Magiare will be the diameter of pella pot, the greater will be the evaporation.

– Trub losses: These are the products that we leave on the bottom of the pot at the end of boiling. They are a combination of proteins and hops residues. – Other losses All that led to a loss of wort: density measurements, bags soaked in wort etc …

– Hops absorption: As in the case of grains, hops also absorb liquid, here the quantity must be indicated, in general a number can be indicated ranging from 4 to 8 ml / g. After making all the settings we save by tapping on the disk icon.

NB. If you are at the first crush and you do not know the system you have, you can accept the settings with which we provide the software, and only at a later time, when you are in possession of this data, you can enter those related to your facility.
NB. This is a very important phase, the more precise the numbers indicated in the settings will be, the more precise the results of the software calculations will be.