The style of beer according to the BJCP

Set the style of beer we want to design:
The beer styles have been cataloged by the BJCP organization (Beer Judge Certification Program).

Let’s tap the BJCP button

We can choose beer based on the style the substile, a list of styles recognized by the BJCP can be found at the following address:


Choose the style
By tapping the list of styles we can scroll through the list.
We select 05 Pale Bitter European Beer, we will see the beers that are harvested under this style.

Choose the Sub Style
Choose one for example the Kolsh, and see the card:

In addition to describing the taste, the appearance, the aroma etc ..
it will also tell us something about the ingredients.
Attention, it will not tell us the quantities of this or that other ingredient, but only the types of malts that are used, the types of hops, gives us indications on the type of yeast and if you use spices or other additions.

Obviously it is not about strict indications, but as we said before if the beer we like reflects certain characteristics it is good to follow the guidelines as much as possible, otherwise we will end up with a beer taste and look completely different from that desired .

Save by tapping on the disk icon.


After saving the beer style, we are shown on the previous screen, and on the right of the “Recipe statistics” tab the BJCP data will be shown.
I our case:
OG 1,044 – 1,050
IBU 18-30
Color 3.5 5.0
FG 1.07 – 1.011
ABV 4.4 – 5.2%
At this point we just have to remember the ingredients of the recipe, mindful of the indications given in the BJCP.