Adding Multiple Hops

This function is very useful for those designing IPA or APA beers, where numerous hops of the same hops are required, only changing weight, time and use.

Let’s start the function of inserting ingredients and choose “Hops and Spices”








Choose Multiple Add  and fill  the required data, making the calculation of the aging hop if necessary. As you will notice, the weight and boiling time data are not presented on this screen. In fact, these two data will be requested later for each add that we will insert. Click on the next button located on the bottom









When this form appears, we can begin to indicate the weight and time of the first throw. After indicating the weight and time of boiling, click on next. Repeat this operation for each add.










When we have completed the insertion of the ranges for that type of hops, we can save by clicking on the disk icon. The result will be that of the image below.