Action Bar Contextual

The action bar is the bar that in applications appears at the top of the screen.

The action bar contextual, appears after  a selection action  on a list of elements of an app.

In the case of  Calcoliamo Birra, the elements are our recipes, and we can select them with a long-click 1

2 the Contextual Action Bar appears.

In the contextual action bar we have 5 functions

disk symbol  save the recipes  selected.
basket symbol  delete selected recipes
share symbol,  share the recipe in xml mode, so that it can be transmitted via email, whatsapp, or any software that can share files.
double-sheet symbol, you can duplicate a recipe
with the last icon, we can select all  recipes.

Save beer recipe on memory or cloud

After long-clicking click on the icon with the disk,  you can to choose where to save the file, if locally, or on any cloud disks on your device.

The next screen after choosing the drive allows you to give the file name.

NB. Saved file can be loaded in Calcoliamo Birra using the open function of the software,  by clicking on the folder icon in the basic Action Bar.

Share recipe

After selecting with a long-click the recipe that we intend to share, in the contextual Action Bar click on the Share icon.

A list of applications that support sharing a file will appear.

NB even if the Facebook icon appears, this application is not able to share a text or xml file, so do not use it.

scegliere l’applicazioni da utilizzare per la condivisione, e completare la procedura.

Duplicate recipe

To duplicate a recipe just select the recipe you want to duplicate with a long-click, then click on the duplicate recipe icon:

the result will be to have an identical copy of the recipe.

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